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History of company

1999 creation of
Dyadya Vanya brand;

2000 a product launch of Dyadya Vanya brand;

2004 obtainment of a canning factory in  Albashi, Krasnodar region;

2006 the building of the warehouse was finished ;

2009 acquisition of Lytkarinsky Food Plant in Moscow region.

Thanks to long-term work the company has access to necessary raw materials d the basic products at any time year. Today the canning holding
Dyadya Vanya the company, that operating by own manufactures, warehouse terminals, effective logistics and staff of experts.

Company Dyadya Vanya arranges long-term business relationships with many distributors and retail stores. Dyadya Vanya production is represented in such retail chains, as  Ashan, Perekrestok, Sedmoy continent, Spar, Pyatyorochka, Diksi, Metro, Lenta, Kopeyka, Real, Hyper Globus, Selgros, Utkonos, Karusel, Avoska. Regional retail chains: Liniya, Kirovskiy, Holiday Classic, Mariya ra, Kupets, Monetka, Matritsa Trade, Semya, Tabris, Sberegaika, Komandor, Aykay, etc.